From the creators of South Park, Book Of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon, a new musical from the creators of South Park and
co-creator of the Tony Award winning musical, Avenue Q, is headed to
Broadway in Feb 2011. It’s as strange as it sounds.

So that’s weird, What do the geeks think?

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  1. ugh, nothing on your blog is loading fast for me. I click something and it just waits for around 40 secs, then my anti virus thing pops up and says there’s a threat and asks if I want to proceed. Anyone else getting this or do I just have a crappy antivirus?

  2. We haven’t had any other issues reported but we are always trying to speed up the site. It sounds to me like it might be a false positive from your AV program. We will keep an eye on this problem and try to get it resolved. Thanks for reporting it and thanks for reading 8 Days a Geek.

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