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App Title: Google Listen
Usage: This app allows you to download and listen to your favorite podcasts.
Price: Free (like everything “not evil”)

?You can get Listen here if you’re viewing on your Android device.


I listen to a ton of podcasts.  When I’m driving, playing a video game, or writing for 8DAG I will probably have a podcast playing to entertain me.  To get a really good podcast app on your phone you either have to pay or deal with giving up a few features; with Google Listen this is not the case.

Google listen will not only allow you to play your podcasts and resume them from where you left off if you have to close the app, but it will also download them for you (you can set a refresh interval and other settings).  You can tell the app to download only on Wifi, only while charging, or only when prompted and all combinations of these.  So, you forgot to refresh your podcasts and now you have to go to work; never fear because Listen allows you to listen to your podcasts as they are downloading so that you don’t have to wait.

Google Listen uses Google Reader to manage your subscriptions too so if you have to uninstall the app and you loose your podcasts, you need only sign Listen back into your Google account.  Using Reader also allows Listen to subscribe to podcasts using all manner of RSS and the like (either on your phone or on your computer via Reader).


Overall, Google Listen is well worth the “Free-Ninty-Nine” price that you pay and does its job without fail.  If you like podcasts (and I hope that you all do and listen to ours) then Listen is a must have.

If there is an app that you would like reviewed, email me at [email protected] with the subject line App-aholics or leave a suggestion in the comments below.

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