Geekly Forecast: Jackass 3D & RED

Sadly, and for some unknown reason I like the Jackass guys, I don’t know why, I feel I’m classy and sophisticated yet, I laugh every time Steve O gets hit in the nuts. This movie looks like more of the same, but in 3D. Which should be epic. Red is the story of some retired CIA operatives who are targeted for assassination.  It has a great cast and looks exciting.

The posters for Jackass are great, nothing too big and nothing too small, the trailer is put together well and does a good job of not revealing too much.

The posters for Red are the character based series that are fun to see. The trailer makes the movie seem quite comedic, but if it’s anything like the comic I imagine its actually much more serious.

These two very different movies will be battling for top spot if The Social Network finally goes down a couple pegs.

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  1. Funniest movie i EVER SAW. i AM 50 YEARS OLD AND THIS BEATS EVERYTHING I’VE SEEN. I was literally dying laughing…

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