8 Hottest Halloween Costumes


Good: Good make up, nice props, and a great body.

Bad: Obviously not what your body should be doing.

Alice in Wonderland

Good: A time consuming costume but the out come is great!

Bad: Skanky isn’t always good, you can be too slutty.

Kick Ass

Good: Great job the costume looks great and your effort is noticed.

Bad: Make sure everything fits before you go out, or else you look like this.

Oil Spill Guy

Good: even a store bought costume can be clever.

bad: you look more like the Augustus Gloop family, come on!

Mad Men

Good: Easy costume, look gorgeous and be trendy.

Bad: come on give it up, white hair always looks bad, and what the hell is the guy on the left?

True Blood

Good: A Tshirt and fake blood make a recognizable scene from the hit show

Bad: so what if your hot, wearing just a merlottte shirt is not a costume.

Lady Gaga

Good: yes all these ladies are easily recognizable in one of the hottest costumes the year.

Bad: DEAR GOD! Know your limitations okay.


Good: an easy, yet funny costume.

Bad: really? Fat Rachel, non-Asian Asian girl, and I believe that’s a fat chick as the gay kid?

All right guys, I wanna see your costume. Send a pic with your email to [email protected] to see if you make it in the best/worst Halloween costumes I saw this year, one person will be chosen to win a secret special prize from 8DaysAGeek.com.

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