Geekly Forecast: The Social Network and Let me in

The best of reality and fantasy are coming to theaters this weekend, first up is “true” story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. I loosely say true, because just like the exaggerated 21 this story will be livened up with plenty of hot chicks and action. Next up is Let Me In the American Remake of the Swedish Let The Right One In. Apparently in America we know that shes right. A vampire story about being a child and going through that awkward phase where you become a young adult.

The poster for Social Network is great, a close up of the face of Facebook, with a cryptic message about popularity. The trailer does a good job of making this interesting, but a better job of making me want to find the creepy kids chorus cover of Radioheads Creep. The poster for Let Me In is fantastic, a great combination of simplicity and mystery, which is what the movie should be. I think the image of blood brings up different memories for different people so the poster is top notch on the “appealing” side.  Let Me In (which is not the true story of Fred and Wilma’s marriage) has a slightly less original trailer, and by slightly I mean it like “the moon is slightly far away from my house”. It’s all been done before and I hope the movie is better than the boring trailer.

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  1. Hey, fact checker, Let the Right One in is Swedish.

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