Geekly Forecast: Machete

Yes all the way! Danny Trejo killing the Lawnmower man, yes. Robert DeNiro as a crooked politician, yes. Jessica Alba almost naked and wet, yes. Steven Seagal, …yes? Everything about this movie says MAN, and I like men…I mean I like manly stuff…. that’s gonna look bad.

The poster is OK, but hey Danny Trejo art! Who wouldn’t want to hang that on their dorm wall. The Trailer is not as good as the fake one that was in Grindhouse, but it shows a Gatling gun motorcycle being driven by Trejo! I say WIN.

Machete: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro

With no real competition this should do well, I can even see it being number one for this week.

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