Xbox Live Gold subscription cost going up Nov. 1


Starting November 1, the price for a 1-year Xbox Live Gold membership will be $59.99, $10 more than the current price. If you have an automatic renewal that will kick in after that date, it will renew at the new price.  The $10 price increase doesn’t apply to every place that has access to XBL. Anything not on the table below is staying the same.

XBL Gold – USA Old Price New Price
1-Month Gold Subscription $7.99 $9.99
3-Month Gold Subscription $19.99 $24.99
12-Month Gold Subscription
XBL Gold – UK Old Price New Price
1-Month Gold Subscription 4.99 GBP 5.99 GBP
XBL Gold – Canada Old Price New Price
1-Month Gold Subscription 8.99 CAD 9.99 CAD
XBL Gold – Mexico Old Price New Price
12-Month Gold Subscription 499 Pesos 599 Pesos

Microsoft is justifying this price hike by “giving” us Hulu Plus (a paid service, on top of the XBL membership), ESPN features, Kinect features (video chats, etc), and they’ll keep all the current features they offer.

From the fancy schmancy email I received this morning:

Netflix unlimited subscription required, sold separately. ESPN on Xbox LIVE provides great content from and For access to content, including live sports, you must have an ESPN3 affiliated broadband provider. See for details and providers. Hulu Plus membership will also be required. Video Kinect requires Kinect sensor. is offering a $40 one-year renewal, but it’s limited to one per gamer tag. Other retailers, like Amazon and and others, is offering the same price for a one year renewal, but you can get as many as you feel like paying for.

[Source: My Inbox | Joystiq | MajorNelson]

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