Pre-Order Fable 3 and make your own NPC (to do with as you please).

You can access the NPC maker with an XBox Live Gold account to experiment, and then pre-order the game and you’ll get a code that allows you to import a character of your very own design. You’ll be able to do whatever you want with him, or her. Marry ’em, kill ’em, beat on ’em, make ’em laugh, drag ’em, bone ’em. Whatever.

Your NPC will give you a quest in the game, and depending on if you make the NPC good or evil, that will decide the morality of the quest at hand. You’ll make a 1,000 gold and as mentioned, have the opportunity to use them, or abuse them, as you see fit.

The Villager Maker, launching today in the U.S. and U.K. and worldwide later this week, is available for everyone to access and experiment with at Fans can utilize the tool to create a male or female villager with more than 2,000 different variations, including an enthralling backstory for the character, unique personality traits, clothing, accent, hairstyles and the region they hail from. Whether you create a valiant ally, an evil villain, or perhaps the perfect spouse, let your imagination run free as you make your mark in the fantastical world of “Fable III.”


“Fable III” will be available in a Standard Edition ($59.99) and Limited Collector’s Edition ($79.99) for Xbox 360.The Limited Edition offers unique collectibles that true “Fable” fans won’t want to miss, including downloadable content that Windows gamers can also access. Wrapped up in the likeness of a book from “Fable III,” the contents include an exclusive quest, dog breed, outfit, playing cards, a Guild Seal Coin and more.

A list of retailers giving out the pre-order codes.

A tour of the NPC maker on Live.

[Source: Joystiq | Press Release]

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  2. You go right ahead and do that! (Male or female whore?)

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