Geekly Forecast: Piranha 3D

What can I say, this movie looks terrible. A good terrible if that means anything, like Snakes on a Plane.

Let’s start with the poster, I know this is the French version, but the American version is really bad. The Jaws parody is obvious, but it works for this really well. I enjoy this poster because it doesn’t try to sell it’s self like it’s some type of intelligent commentary, just a gory horror movie with lots of boobs. The trailer is below and it’s fairly boring, but what I hate more than anything, is that they ruin a possibly important death by showing a main character being killed by an “adult” piranha. Luckily the studio pulled that trailer and it hasn’t been seen anywhere since.

This movie will most likely do well.It won’t do great, but with the love of 3D and cheesy horror being particularly strong of late it will make it’s money easily. I really don’t have much to say about this movie, the cast is semi-impressive, the graphics are descent, and it has no real competition.

My hopes are that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which had a super weak opening weekend, will pick up in the second week. It’s major problem is that it sold itself as an action movie up against The Expendables and a love movie up against Eat Pray Love. A horrible choice in opening weekends, especially when you could of waited a week and your only competition would of been the less than exciting Piranha 3D.

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