TV Geek Watch: The Colony

I watch the Discovery Channel a lot  and I’ve seen some commercials for The Colony and I thought “eh, why not?” At first I wasn’t sure on what to think, it looked a little corny, but I enjoy all those survival shows out there.

I had no Idea that this was the second season of this show, the first took place in the outskirts of LA. This season takes place in Louisiana in a small area devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Just seeing what happened to all these houses is enough to evoke some emotion, but when you see stuff that they are finding discarded in rubble, such as a wedding dress or children’s toys, it makes you remember the horrible disaster which helps put you in the mindset that the show tries so hard to sell.

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I watched the first episode and I have to say, I loved it. The show has everything a good reality show needs: A good mix of characters, an interesting plot, clever twists, and lots of insight on the situation from the contestants, the narrator, and some talking head experts.

My favorite character was Robert Deville, the retired contractor. He worked hard and never bragged… unlike Reno Ministrelli “the foreman,” who was physically a huge help, but seemed very arrogant. Each character has an interesting history and personality, and they are worth watching.

The creators test the survivors with harrowing tasks with little supplies, and if thats not bad enough, there are other “survivors” who violently attack the survivors for supplies. They play some spiritual music and use interesting camera shots to help sell the emotion of the situation.

If you like:

  • Survivorman
  • Man vs Wild
  • Man Woman Wild
  • any post apocalyptic story

You’ll enjoy The Colony. I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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  1. did anyone else watch this? what do you think?

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