“Please Excuse My Geek Rage”

Episode 3 “Please excuse my geek rage.”
July 16th, 2010
– Kinect at walmart
– Apple censors its forums
– Apple press confrence thoughts
– Google me getting more and more real
– Why does everyone love locking down Android
– Xbox arcade leaks on Amazon Germany
– Edward Norton looses his geek rage
– The “Facebook Movie”
– Isaiah Mustafa (The Old Spice Guy)

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Episode 3 – Please Excuse My Geek Rage

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  1. ……WHALE WARS!!!!

  2. Do you mean Howard Stern?

    Bubba the Love Sponge is not Howard Stern, nor was he the failed savior of Sirius.

  3. I want the ship to be a viking ship! But it probably isn’t.

  4. Also, about the phone point, until we turn to a european market style, that will never happen.

    when the carrier subsidizes the phone price so you people can ‘get mah free phone that i deserve to have because i pay my bill and breath your air’ it will never change. so deal with the overriding ui.

  5. The way that I see it, the carriers may sub the phone but they increase the price of the service to compensate. Hence over the length of my 2 year contract I will pay for my phone.

    I’m not saying that they have to make moving easy but in the Droid x’s case at least make it possible.

  6. Well, obviously. That’s sort of the point. As long as carriers control subsidization they will control the ui overlay and they will control what can and cannot be done to ‘their’ phones.

    If you want complete control, order an unlocked phone from overseas.

  7. @victorvondoom
    If you listen to what we said we said that Bubba was the first to be fined< and Stern was the savior of Sirius. at least get your facts straight before you criticize heh.

  8. That first comment about phones makes no sense and I couldn’t even comprehend what you said with the mistakes.

    I read a lot on this site and I got to say your way too negative, about everything. I bet your happy you have the internet to cry about stuff without real people seeing you.

    I like the podcast by the way Jesse seems to be on the ball about 80% of the time, Rachel is quiet, but I can imagine her as that stereotypical fan girl, which I like. Brandon seems slightly off kilter, but yeah Whale Wars does suck.

  9. @ArtooDeetoo

    Sorry, I was talking to VictorVonDoom on that last comment.

  10. Artoo, living in a glass house and throwing stones, how’s that working out for you? Doom will continue these arguments in th forum. Without personally attacking you.

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