Movie Review: Inception

I recently saw Inception, the new mind bending action thriller from the director of The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan. What did I think? I thought it is a must see. click read more to read the review.

I loved it, opening on a foreshadowing scene of an aged Ken Watanabe sitting across from Leo Dicaprio asked the first question; how did we get here? The movie moves along quickly showing Leo build his team and describe what consists of extraction (stealing an idea during a dream) and Inception (putting an idea into a dream). The we then see some great visuals as we explore how deep you can go into a dream. I didn’t explain much of the plot because its important to go in with an open mind.

The cast looked like Nolan went to Sundance and took all the best Indie actors and asked if they wanted a job, they ALL said yes.

Leo’s character has depth, but Leo put nothing new into the role, which doesn’t matter since his worst acting is still some of the best acting ever. Dom Cobbs is the best at extraction and his story is actually mixed throughout the film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was super smooth in this, I really think he’s going somewhere and this just strengthens my views. Arthur is the point man or info guy if you dont watch oceans 11,12,13 movies. The action sequences showing Gordon-Levitt fight in a rolling hallway (makes sense in the movie) are among the coolest scenes I’ve ever seen.

Ellen Page does Ellen Page, she is an important part of the movie, for the story and the fact that her character dumbs everything down for the audience.

Ken Watanabe is a great actor, but his role is surprisingly small for a character, especially a character who is in the entire movie.

Tom Hardy is such a bad ass in this movie it’s ridiculous. I think he would be an awesome James Bond. He has some great scenes some great lines and his job as the “forger” Eames, he has the coolest job of the team he shape shifts in the dreams to trick the targets. Plus, at one point in this movie he kills like a thousand guys on a mountain.

Cillian Murphy is the man being targeted by the Inception team. He switches from villain to friend to ??? and it all makes sense!

Was this movie worth sitting in a cold dark theater crowded with pre-teens waiting for the next Twilight? YES! Visually stunning, a great and interesting story and an ending that will not disappoint, or will it? that’s kind of the point.

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  1. I agree! I loved the movie! It is such an engrossing and fresh idea for a movie with an amazing cast as well! It is truly hard to write a review for this kind of movie though because half of the fun is learning what it is all about. So to anyone that is reading this review, I also give this movie a must see vote!

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