“Its a Wii little disk”

Episode 2
In todays episode we talk about:
-Summer Glau voices supergirl
-Hulu on more platforms
-iPhone 4 Troubles
-Sales of iPads
-Google Me, sounds dirty
-Android sales
-Ding dong the Kin is dead
-Wonder Woman’s new costume
-Google vs. China
And as always topics for geeks of all types.

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  1. The iPhone release had nothing to do with EVO’s release.

    Apple keynotes happen same time every year. Every WWDC new products get announced and revealed for a release that happens later that month.

    We were not going to wait a full two years (ie June of next year) for the latest iteration of iPhone. Not when new iterations were being released a year after the previous model.

    How quick we are to forget the face melting battery heat problem.

    Also, linkies: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38055126/ns/technology_and_science-wireless/

  2. ‘shun the non-believer’

    oh, he went there…

  3. @Doom, It is most definitely a product of the EVO otherwise they would ran into the antenna problem during beta testing. I’ve heard from Apple employees that the field testing of this phone was a full two months shorter than any previous Iphone. sounds to me the stolen demo and the EVO rushed production.

  4. @ItsButters: I kinda figured that the testing wasn’t as thorough this time around, but I chalked it up to me being suspicious over nothing. One might think that the Almighty Apple wouldn’t get their panties in a twist over another smartphone coming out, suppose they really felt threatened this time around.

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