The EVO-lution of communication


Ok, so it’s been a week since I bought my HTC EVO 4G and I have a few things I want to tell you.

Firstly the phone is big,  beautifully big.  Having a touch screen usually meant that people with big hands were in for a lot of frustration; not with the EVO.  The keyboard on the EVO makes two thumbed calling very comfortable.  When typing one handed the keyboard still works but I found myself hitting the search button at the bottom of the phone.  With such a big screen and a kickstand what’s to keep you from watching movies anytime you’re bored…
Absolutely nothing.  The screen makes it rather enjoyable to watch movies.

To the camera we go. Below are some basic shots and a video that I shot using the EVO’s camera.

IMAG0006 IMAG0016 IMAG0017

EVO Test Footage (Click here to watch it)

What about battery life?  As with many smart-phones today, the EVO will last you a day but not much more.  There have a very large amount of people who complain about the EVO’s battery life, but with a few simple steps and some battery management I am getting about 8 to 9 hours of steady use before I hit 50%.  Under extreme use (wifi hotspot while showing the phone off to others) I only got about 5 hours of use before 20%.  Before you complain that those times aren’t enough for you let me ask you this…
Would you buy a Maserati sports car, enjoy driving at hundreds of miles an hour, and then complain about how often you need to fill the gas tank?  Not really.

With the EVO rocking out the Android OS 2.1 and HTC Sense, you’ll get the eye candy of iOS with the freedom of Android.  You can take the EVO back to the standard Android launcher if you want but I don’t think that you’ll want to.  The EVO also has Sprint’s WIFI hotspot software that will (for $30 a month) allow you to turn your phone into a portable wifi network for all of your wifi toys.  A few people are probably asking about the lack of 4G talk in this review,  I don’t have 4G anywhere near me so I can only speak to the 3G network which is very nice.

How about a little overview:
Camera: Good quality on auto and with some settings tweaking it can take ok low light photos as well not to mention it records 720p video.  The front camera is 1.3MP and is great for video calls.

Screen: Mine eyes never knew beauty till they beheld thee.

Battery: Takes some TLC to make it through a 16 hour day, but overall it works as advertised.

Software: Android 2.2 would be better but 2.1 is ok until HTC releases 2.2 later this year.  The WIFI hotspot (even on 3g) is a life saver on log trips or in hotels with no wifi (yes they do exist).

Things to remember:
I don’t have 4G around my area so I wasn’t able to test it at any point in the review.
I also don’t have the HDMI cable that the EVO uses to connect to your tv so that test was missing from this review as well.

Final Thoughts:
I love this phone. There I said it.  With it’s monstrous screen, speedy cpu, Android, and HTC Sense;  I haven’t been able to put it down.  Battery could be a tad better but its not an issue with my usage.  If you are on Sprint this phone should be on the top of your want list.  If you’re not then it should be on the top of your envy list.

Does anyone out there have an EVO that they want to talk about?  Leave some comments to let people know what your experience is with it.  Also any questions you have that I didn’t answer in the review I’ll answer via the comments section.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jesse: “Would you buy a Maserati sports car, enjoy driving at hundreds of miles an hour, and then complain about how often you need to fill the gas tank? Not really.”

    The nature of cell phones and the nature of vehicles are totally different.

    When them (phones) becoming our computers, phones, calenders, clocks and communications device they offer a little more than a sports car.

    If you want a glitzy phone, Casio makes one that is pure gold and diamond encrusted.

    What we are talking about, and what we are using, are devices that become our second natures.

    So, an improved battery life is’nt so much to ask for.

    Esp when it’s so easy for manufacturers not make the phones stupidly and make the connections arc like they do.

  2. Hmmm, Doom it seems like you are arguing a point to just argue. This review clearly states that the battery is a weakness, yet with his usage it seems fine. Batteries are much more challenging to extend then you know. sure the company went with design overall leaving no room for a hearty battery, but “When them becoming computers” do you expect a long life, a full size laptop gets maybe 8 hours when managed correctly so your argument is invalid. I think this review had good insight, maybe a little too nice, but still a good rundown of what the phone will offer.

    Do you plug your laptop in while using it? I bet you do I would go as far to say you do this like its nothing. Why not do this for your hand held com, your phone while in the car or at home?

  3. FLim Flam, I would love to take this to forums, so we aren’t getting Mr Pen of Doom’s comments hopes up.
    I post under the same name.

    He made a clear reference to a Masarati. This phone however is more akin to a high end laptop.

    It’s been proven in reports and independent studies that batteries in cell phones are wired ineffeciently.

    So why continue that trend? It’s an easy fix. Jesse didn’t go out of his way and buy a device that spoke of status. As one would with a Masarati. HAving set his phone up and talked to him a little in depth, I’m aware of his usage.

    He bought a workhorse. It shouldn’t be treated as a dainty thing.

  4. To clarify. Doom is strictly speaking about the semantics.

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