Last One Standing: Legolas Vs Link Vs Drizzt


Race: Grey Elf

Speed: 7

Power: 6

Magic: 4

Swordsmanship: 6

Archery: 9

Special: Magic cloak and special longbow given to him by elf queen


Race: Hylian, a forest elf

Speed: 6

Power: 8

Magic: 7

Swordsmanship: 7

Archery: 6

Special: Magic sword, magic gauntltes that increase strength, some magic, and an arsenal of weapons

Drizzt Do’Urden

Race: Drow, Dark Elf

Speed: 9

Power: 5

Magic: 9

Swordsmanship: 8

Archery: 5

Special: Magical swords Twinkle and Icingdeath, magical knowledge, and magicaly augmented speed.

The battle starts off with Drizzt charging Legolas who is shooting rapidly at Link and Drizzt. Drizzt gets hit by one arrow, but they keep bouncing off Links mighty shield. Link fires a blast of energy from his magic sword which shatters Legolas bow. Drizzt charges Link with his sword drawn and with one slash from icingdeath freezes Links shield, and another hard hit from Twinkle shatters the shield. Link uses his grappling hook to escape the super fast drow and land next to Legolas, after some hand to hand combat Link blows into a flute and a bird carries him off. Legolas hears a sizzling sound and as he turns see’s a bomb left by Link >BOOM< Legolas is out. Drizzt’s immense speed and knowledge of magics keeps Link at bay, and as Drizzt charges Link he draws his sword and runs it through Links chest. As Drizzt walks away victorious he hears a sound and see’s a fairy ressurect Link and before he knew what was happening he’s hit in the face with a boomerang, giving Link the time he needs to finish off Drizzt with the Master Sword.

The Winner!  LINK

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  1. Herbie the dentist elf would win.

  2. drizzt in a landslide

  3. this was definately done by a link fanboy

  4. Link CAN be resurrected, So it makes sense that Drizzt wins, but Link just keeps coming back. Drizzt dies and stays dead.

  5. but what about Guen? if Link can summon his bird, then Drizzt should be able to summon his cat. And, by and by, Drizzt has special Drow armor that prevents stab wounds from hurting too much, and how good are Link and Legolas at fighting Blind, cuz I know that drizzt would totally win if he dropped a globe of darkness over them all. and any way, link can only die so many times before he runs out of fairys. sorry logolas, but you would die first.
    can you tell that I am a Drizzt fan?

  6. hahahahaha no. For starters Link would not be able to carry everything like it was nothing if this were to be even remotely realistic which means he would either have ONLY his sword and shield and maybe his bow or he would be crushed under the sheer weight of his things. Second of all Icingdeath would not freeze link’s shield, this being due to the fact that it is enchanted to be powerful against creatures of flame, not to freeze opponents. You also forget to mention that Legolas has two Elven daggers or short swords (hard to tell since he rarely uses them at all) so he would be able to defend himself though not for long against two swordsmen whose primary focus is sword skills. And you completely ignored the fact that Drizzt has honed his senses and reflexes to perfection and has also been hit by much harder things than a boomerang aka an aerodynamic stick which he would have cut in two anyway. And by the time Link would have stabbed forward, Drizzt, having dodged the Boomerang, would have sidestepped and cut Link’s head off. Another thing you ignored was the innate magical abilities Drizzt has. He probably would have lined one of them, probably Link, with Faerie Fire, non damaging flames used to outline opponents and, if unfamiliar with the spell, cause the subject, aka Link, to panic for at least a few moments until he figured out it wasn’t burning, during which Drizzt would have summoned Guenhwyvar, who would have been on Link in an instant while Drizzt fought Legolas, quickly beating down the skilled archer with lightning fast attacks, before turning to Link who would be preoccupied with the 600 pound black panther trying to rip his face off. He would probably cast a globe of darkness, leaving Link blind and near helpless against two opponents. Last but not least, Drizzt is a top notch archer, using Taulmaril, a bow with infinite arrows in it’s matching quiver. He might even resort to archery right off the bat and blow them both away without a problem cause the arrows are insanely quick and Link would have to be insanely quick to pull up his shield in time and even then, the force would throw him off his feet.

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