Geek Movie and TV News Roundup

The Hobbit

Del Toro backed out of directing the Hobbit for several reasons, but says he’ll announce his new project soon.

Blue Beetle TV Series

Some stills have been released showing some early concepts of what the suit may look like if the series gets picked up. Head over to to see more stills.

Tons more news after the jump!

Ghost Rider

Nicholas Cage is pretty sure he’ll reprise his role, new directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (the directors of Crank) want a darker take on the character which could only mean good things for the Spirit of Vengeance.


A ton of images have been released from the new movie and you can see them all at

Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader

A trailer has been released of the newest movie in the Narnia series

Black Panther

BET is going to be airing a Black Panther animated series soon and some amazing stills were taken from the sneak peak music video available at Itunes. Head over to to see more stills.


New pics have came out this time showing Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin. Thanks ET.

Walking Dead

Some stills have been released of hordes of Zombies for the new AMC Walking Dead series, but this particular shot is a classic from the comics and makes me believe they are sticking to the original story pretty close.

Captain America

Dum Dum Dugan has finally been cast and its Neal McDonough!

And that about wraps it up!

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  1. Thanks guys, not since the days of Animated X-Men, Batman, and Superman have TV been so geeky, I’m excited to see what else comes from this new found goldmine

  2. theincrediblepete

    Black Panther, Blue Beetle, and Walking Dead! TV is becoming geek friendly again!

  3. I hope Predators doesn’t suck

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