E3 2010: XBox 360 trades Red Ring of Death for… a red dot.

Joystiq has a system spec sheet and guess what? The new Xbox 360 250 GB Elite models will no longer use a red ring to tell you it’s sick. Instead, it will use a green one. Sort of. These new models will inevitably have software or hardware problems, but now you can look forward to a nice, soothing green message with a big red dot in the middle (where the power indicator light is) instead of a blaring red circle telling you to drop to your knees and scream toward the heavens. Yeah, so it’s a dot. A red dot.

Instead of a red ring telling you you’re messed up, it’s a 360 pimple.

Thanks, Microsoft? Discuss.

[Source and Image: Joystiq]

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  1. Good news? The fact that there is even a light indicator at all is pathetic. I get there will be hardware failures/software bugs, etc etc, but it baffles me that it is even necessary as a notice. When you turn your system on, and nothing happens, or when it suddenly stops, are people really so dumb that don’t realize something is wrong? I am truly baffled.

  2. @Manatee Man
    An update just came through that it’s a red dot instead of a red ring.
    So there is an indicator. It’s a pimple. Microsoft hates life. As far as even needing one? It’s nice to have visual confirmation that something is wrong. I like it, especially if it helps you pinpoint the fix. (Sort of like how the current 360s use either a full ring or 3/4 ring.) Is it necessary? No, not really. But they have a system standard to meet. When they make a new generation system, they can totally toss it.

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