8 Bad Ass Geek Dads

Happy Fathers Day to all those geek dads out there. For your special day I created a list of the most bad ass dads in geek culture comics, television, movies and video games. Enjoy!

8: Noah “HRG” Bennett

From: Heroes

Starting off strong with the indestructible Claire’s bad ass dad. This guy is so bad ass he takes out people with powers even though he’s a regular human.

7: Lone Wolf

From: Lone Wolf and Cub

Ogami Itto was once a powerful executioner, but after being falsely accused of crimes he didn’t commit, he takes his young son Daigoro and walks the path of the assassin to avenge his murdered wife and regain his honor. One of the most bad ass and influential dads of all time, if you haven’t read this, please do.

6: Dr.Light

From: Megaman Series

The “Father” of Megaman, Roll, and Protoman, Dr.Light is a bad ass in the scientific way. Whether light is helping his “son” by inventing new armor and weapons or he’s planning the next attack on his maniacal ex-partner Dr.Wily, Dr.Thomas Light is a bad ass.

5: Mr.Incredible

From: The Incredibles

Robert “Bob” Parr is your average dad. He works a quiet job, has three beautiful children and a loving wife. Did I mention his job is saving the Earth from super villains and he and his family all have super abilities? No, well, they do, and thats bad ass

4: Commander William Adama

From: Battlestar Gallactica

Now here’s a Frakkin bad ass. Adama has the all the grit and skills you’d expect from a war hero and then some to boot. The Father of two sons Zak, a viper pilot and Lee, a celebrated soldier and Vice Presidant.

3: Darth Vader

From: Star Wars

If your dad was the second in command to the most powerful army of all time and had a special helmet removing chair inside a giant death ray that can destroy a planet, you’d think “he’s bad ass.” The father of the whiny Luke and the bitchy Leia, Anakin Skywalker was once thought to be the most powerful Jedi ever.

2: Bowser

From: Mario Series

If my dad was a fire breathing dragon turtle who flew around in a clown head while letting my siblings and I hang out in castles covered in fiery death traps you’d be wondering on how good of a father he is. Bowser has 8 children and no one knows the mother, unless it’s Peach. That’s weird… never mind?!? He’s a bad ass!

1: Batman

From: Batman

When you think of Batman, rarely does the word father come to mind, but he has had 3 adopted children, one of which was killed by the Joker and one son with Talia Al Ghul. All four of Batman’s son’s have the same bad ass karate and detective skills of their father, which is bad ass. KARATE FAMILY! Batman will always be number one bad ass dad as long as he lives because this non-powered man goes toe to toe with supervillains everyday and leads a team of heroes next to one of the most powerful people in his universe.

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  1. Proof reading is your friend!

    Other than that! Dads suck!

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