Top 8 environmentally conscious comic book characters

It’s Earth Day! So in celebration, I created a list of the most environmentally conscious comic characters.

8. Chlorophyll Kid

Chlorophyll?!? More like Boraphyll. ( Sorry couldn’t help my self.) You don’t know who Chlorophyll Kid is? Don’t feel bad, 98% of the population have no knowledge of this Legion of Super Heroes green thumb.


Sarah Rainmaker is a Native American superhero with control over the weather. Not enough  stereotypes for you? She’s also gay, which isn’t the stereotype at all,  but she’s  an activist as well. Wow, good job comics at not looking like you’re run by a bunch of white dudes. Plus, she’s a big time Storm ripoff.


The weather goddess of Africa is all about farming the Earth and letting nature bloom. Too bad she’s from one of the most agriculturally unforgiving places on the Earth.

5.Poison Ivy

She would have placed higher if not for that whole terrorist thing. She blows up factories that are polluting which is noble, but at least let the people out first. To show how evil she is, think about the movie this pic was taken from. Scary, right?

4. Animal Man

A vegetarian and peaceful hero who can use the abilities of nearby animals, Buddy Baker love animals and occasionally kills an entire Zoo by accident.


The “Save The Whales T-Shirt” of heroes, everyone acts like they respect him, but you know as well as I everyone makes fun of him behind his back. Aquaman sure does love the ocean and wants it to stay clean because remember, he eats down there.

2.Swamp Thing

DC’s incarnation of nature unleashed, Swamp Thing had some horrible movies to remember him by, but he will always live on in some the best comics ever as the tree hugging monster with a heart of gold.

1. Captain Planet

How can you mention the environment and not talk about this guy! He loves the Earth so much he hasn’t changed hairstyles since 1985, that doesn’t make sense, I know, but neither does the living incarnation of the elements having a green mullet.

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