Squeaky Clean Cartridges (plus other geeky soaps)


Geeksoap.net. It’s a store full of soap (hand made with natural ingredients) with a theme most of the readers of this site are a fan of: Geekery!

Have you always wanted to clean your bodily crevices with Nintendo cartridges? Or maybe you’re going somewhere and you need to travel size your geekery with a Game Boy cartridge. Are you a fan of Soap on a Rope and games that use multiple sided dice? How about D20 Soap on a Rope!


Head over to http://www.thepinktoque.com/ to see more photographs of the soaps. The site is home to the artist’s other geek-related (super cute) crafts. See the thumbnail of unbelievably soft Sock-thulhu . There’s also a Cthulhu toque someone might be in need of…




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