10 Minutes with an iPad

FakeRachwithiPad I’ve only been to the Apple store twice in my entire life, and both of those times were in the past few months.

“How can that be,” one might ask.

Well, it’s simple. I bought my Macbook online, and when I did have to send it in to get it serviced, I used the phone/computer for everything. Considering the good Apple store is pretty far away from my house, in a mall full of people who think they’re better than me, it wasn’t convenient for me to truck up there every time I had an issue with Carmine (the Macbook.)

Today I was there for about 15 minutes, and most of that time was spent playing with a shiny new iPad. I didn’t get my picture taken with one, so I Faked one. I am a Photoshop Master.

I don’t have much to say that already hasn’t been said about the iPad. I really liked it, and I would love to own one. It seems like a great “bridge” between the smart phone and laptop… and I would totally whip it out in the grocery store if that’s what I had my list on. Cosmetically, it’s pretty. Technologically, it’s pretty much a blown up iPhone. Personally, I trust Apple hardware/software, so by default, I would trust that the iPad would run smoothly.

First Impressions – Good weight
– Quick and Responsive
– Nice, bright screen*
– Easily cleanable surface
5 Minute Mark – Graphics are gorgeous
– The expanding photo move is clever.
– Word processing capabilities are good, could type up a novel on it.
– The book reader is simple, but surprisingly good. A+ rating.
10 Minute Mark – Lacks obvious multi-tasking**
– Finger prints, lots of of finger prints, but they wipe off easily.
– Picks up a wifi signal well.
– Volume levels are decent, but a little lacking.

*I’ve read that outdoor light makes it impossible to see, unless you’re in full shade.

** With many applications, whenever you exit them they usually start where you left off when you open them again. There is multi-tasking per se, but it could use some improvement in that area.

iPad-PriceList iPad-View [screen grabs from Apple.com]

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