Would you like some Game Boy with your Steampunk?

CyberpunkGameBoySo, the artist calls it a Cyberpunk Game Boy. With the gears, colors and distressed quality of it all, it seems to be more Steampunk. Argue amongst yourselves about the genre it fits in; whatever you call it, you have to agree on one thing – it’s awesome.

Okay, so it looks kind of awkward to hold, but it is a working model and if you have any game cartridges for the Game Boy, they’ll probably work. The screen is backlit and there’s a Pro-Sound mod with a line-out added to it.

A modder and musician by the name of  Thretris is responsible for this little cogged treasure. Here it is on ebay. As of March 23 at 7:30 pm (CST) it’s up to $81.



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