Dream Cast: ThunderCats!

So there is a rumor that the Thundercats movie is a go, I’m making my cast in a way that Hollywood would actually think about doing it, not every big star out there, but some unknowns mixed with a big star or two.

Lion-O – Jake Gyllenhaal

Last year if you would have told me to cast Gyllenhaal as Lion-O, I wouldn’t have thought about it… for real. I would have laughed in your face, he’s all skinny and emo and then boom! Donnie Darko explodes into full blown action star. He’s a good fit for the tough yet sensitive leader of the Thundercats.

Cheetarah – Tahyna Tozzi

She hasn’t done much, but Tahyna Tozzi is a black-belt in Karate and a national Shotokan, she’s got the build and look to play the sexy Cheetarah as well.

Panthro – Henry Simmons

Another unknown, Simmons here has been in quite a few movies but has never got his break. The toughness and intimidation of Panthro would be done justice by Henry.

Tygra – Jason Behr

Kind of an unknown, Behr hasn’t done anything to big since Roswell, but the tiger man of the team would be a perfect fit for Jason Behr

Jaga – Xander Berkeley

This guy has been in everything from M*A*S*H to the new Kick-Ass, and he has an awesome voice on top of it all. Who better to serve as the old leader who passes the torch to Lion-O.

Bengali – Orlando Bloom

We all know who this is: Legolas, William Turner, Paris, Todd Blackburn…okay maybe not that last one, but Bloom has proven himself to be great in an action role and the mystical Bengali seems like a role he could tackle.

Pumyra – Shannyn Sossamon

Not much to Pumyra, she’s like the hot girl of the team–if cartoon cat people are your thing–but she is intelligent and beautiful. Shannyn Sossamon from A Knights Tale could own this role.

Lynxo – Chow Yun Fat

A great fighter, the blinded aging Lynxo is a spiritual center and combat trainer, who better than the most mystical combatant I know, Chow Yun Fat.

Wilykit and Wilykat – Remy and Bella Thorne

These two are kind of like comedy relief, no real acting involved for the twin Thunderkittens. Remy and Bella are young actors who just so happen to be twins so it works perfect.

Mumm-Ra – Laurence Fishburne

Mumm-Ra is a decrepit old mummy who can beef out into a huge statuesque version of himself, I needed someone who could fight and be tough, but then have that haunting feel as well, and Fishburne has got it.

Slythe – Lee Arenberg

The pudgy snake man and leader of Mumm-Ra’s mutants, I needed a slimy actor who doesn’t mind being a lackey, and who better than Arenberg from  Pirates of the Caribbean fame? (I know that’s three pirates actors, it was a coincidence. Trust me.)

Monkian – Tyler Mane

Big, dumb and brutal, the monkey barbarian would be portrayed perfectly by Michael Meyers himself, Tyler Mane

Vultureman – Tim Booth

These two I took some liberties with, I wanted them to be a similar build but different attitudes. Tim Booth is my Vultureman with his sadistic glare as Mr. Zsasz in Batman. I think he could be an actor on the rise.

Jackalman – Robert LaSardo

These two I took some liberties with, I wanted them to be a similar build but different attitudes. Everyone knows this guy, he’s in a thousand movies as “guy being arrested” or “Gang member.” I think it’s time he get’s a little bigger roles, how about mutant lackey Jackalman for a start?

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  1. I think Orlando Bloom in this movie is the best choice yet. Of course the others fit pretty well too đŸ™‚

  2. Great job, I would see this!

  3. Not bad! Not bad at all.

  4. Hey Brandon, I really like what you did with this! Good Job!

  5. V? Grab the site m? S down and look under “inflammatory?” RURAL “see, they are up to n in the carry-ck allowed.

  6. did you just say remy and bella are twins? because theyre not

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