AT&T gets it’s “Pre” on

If you’re on AT&T your smart phone options will be opening up just a little bit more “in the coming months”. AT&T officially announced that the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus would be coming to “the nations fastest 3G network”. Rumor is that both phones will be $150 + a mail-in rebate that takes them down to $50 a piece.

The specs on both of the phones will be the same as their CDMA counterparts apart from their network. Palm just released their earnings numbers Friday and let’s just say they were worse than anyone thought. Can putting the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on AT&T save the company? Only time will tell.

Rumor also has it that the “Hotspot” feature (turning the phone into a wifi hotspot) will not be available.  Go figure that AT&T would take the only good thing out of the phone before releasing it.  Hey AT&T inprove your network to handle the traffic don’t limit the traffic to save your network.

Is the Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus a phone that you would buy on AT&T?

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  1. Doom is giddy. Giddy like s little school girl.

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