What’s next on the reboot list? Daredevil

In order for 20th Century Fox to keep its rights to (movie) Daredevil, since Disney now owns Marvel, a reboot of the movie is being actively developed. There are currently no details on who’s doing what, and what the story will be. I’m hoping for a nicely done origin, at least.

Daredevil, starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, came out seven years ago and, well, Kingpin was black. (I adore Michael Clarke Duncan, I love to see him work, and though I’m not even a big comic fan and I knew something was up with that casting decision.)

Dear 20th Century Fox,
Please get this reboot right. And you know, Michael Clarke Duncan did do a good job as Kingpin, so you can go ahead and use him again if you want. Black or white, it doesn’t matter, the guy is built for the role. But for the comic’s sake, KEEP AFFLECK OUT OF IT.

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