Thundercats! the movie is actually going to happen!

Insides sources say that Paul Sopocy has  finished a first draft of the Thundercats screenplay, and hired by Warner Bros. to do a rewrite. This  conflicts with  Thundercats being dropped by WB but in Hollywood things change every hour. Inside sources also say Chase Me Productions will produce the film with WB handling the distribution. Read below to hear some secrets from the film.

Here’s  some of the script info shared by Screen Rant from Thundercats Lair:

* There is no mention of Snarf at all ( Thank God) * Panthro has purple skin * Claudus (Lion-O’s dad) and Grune ( General of the Army) both appear in the film. * The Berbils robot bears are referenced but not featured. * Monkian and Cheetara have a hillaroius interaction. * Lion-O is given a love interest, Kaeli. * The film appears to be a hard PG-13 and is left open for a sequel.

With this news I’ve decided that for March my Dream Cast will be Thundercats,

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  1. Sounds awesome! Any news on this being animation or live-action?

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