David Goyer To Write Superman Reboot!

When WB assigned Chris Nolan the job of spearheading the reboot of the Superman franchise, We all figured he’d be hiring some of his familiar friends.¬†¬†Latino Review states that Allegedly¬† David S. Goyer, who wrote Batman Begins and helped with the script for The Dark Knight, will be writing the new Superman, titled Man of Steel. Read my opinion below.

Is this good or bad? The guy wrote the Blade movies which were good, but he also wrote the David Hasselhoff Nick Fury movie which was not good, he wrote Jumper which was actually a well written movie just poorly acted out, but then again he wrote a whole slew of the Demonic Toys movies, so you decide, what do you think? I say yes, for two reasons, first and most important this guy cares about the characters, he helped pull Batman away from the nipple suits and neon lights and put him in a dark city surrounding, where he belongs. Second, the friendship between Nolan and Goyer could mean a collaboration to fuse Batman and Superman into the same universe, it seems hard but if anyone can do it it’s these two.

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  1. a combo movie of batman and superman would be more awesome than the world warming up til the lowest temperature in canada is a balmy 78 degrees.

    With his track record, its going to be hard to say, but he is good at developing character settings. Batmans technically easier to write than Superman, as he’s pretty locked on his personality and finer details. Hopefully it’ll be good.

  2. Ah 78 degrees would make it where Manatees could inhabit any water way.

    I think that Goyer is a good choice but I wouldn’t want to see a dark Superman, he’s the smily face to Batmans scowl. They would have to make the age similar as well so were looking at a early 30’s Superman, which I like, next up would be to connect the other Justice Leaguers into an epic genre film of epic proportions, thats epic, I used epic 3 times thats how epic.

  3. I’m interested in seeing how a dark Superman would turn out.

  4. He said he would most likely keep with the alien feel and make Brainiac the main villain

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