Butthurt Nintendo gets $1.3 million worth of revenge

Nintendo announced that they were the victor of an Australian court case involving a man, James Burt, who uploaded the first pirated copy of New Super Mario Brothers Wii onto the internet a week before it’s official release. Captain Burt now owes $1.3 million dollars to Nintendo, for pirating a game that has sold over 10 million copies.

“Upon the game being uploaded to the Internet, Nintendo was able to employ the use of sophisticated technological forensics to identify the individual responsible for illegally copying the file and making it available for further distribution,” Nintendo said in a press release. “On 23 November, 2009, Nintendo obtained a Federal Court search order in respect of the individual’s residential premises. This led to the seizure of property from those premises in order to gain further evidence against the individual.”

And to simply put it: Future pirates, be careful.

The amount of money was determined to appropriately compensate Nintendo for the loss of sales that Captain Burt might have caused. This pirate broke the law, yes he did, and he got caught! It’s only right that he should be punished.

A single individual now owes a multi-billion dollar company a million dollars. I’m sure this is fair in some realm of existence, but not this one. Nintendo, you’re an asshole.

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  1. Sucks to be him!

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