A News Round Up

A news round up. Links below go to their respective source.

February 1:

A fan of the Assassin’s Creed series? GameInfomer has a wish list.

Apple won’t support flash. IGN explains.

IGN Movies chats with Ben Kingsley about the  Prince of Persia movie.

Shenmue 3 a possibility? The Gaming Liberty discusses it. (Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what system Shenmue 1 and 2 are even for.)

250GB xbox 360 hard drive, for Japan only. (For now.)

Twisted Metal:  is it a reboot or new game? Either way, neither is confirmed–yet.


February 2:

CBS rejects the original Dante’s Inferno game ad.

The new Miss America hates video games. No longer hot.

Final Fantasy XIII is on 3 discs for the 360, one blubber-ray for the PS3.

February 3:

Watch the Bioshock 2 launch trailer.

Short video: Real life Donkey Kong, with barrels and sound effects.

Darksiders sold well, will get a sequel.

February 4:

The Sony Motion Dildo called the Arc by THQ CEO.

Halo is moving to Hollywood–Halo Movie, Halo: Reach.

Sony says “Arc” is still a code name, nameless dildo-like controller is still nameless.

February 5:

Primal Carnage announced in PR statement, with pictures.

“De-Terroristing”  program uses video games.

Mega64 takes to the streets, discusses Mass Effect 2 censorship and alien sex.

February 6:

The video game industry is hoping 2010 is a better fiscal year than 2009.

Bioshock 2 Developers prepared for fan backlash.

Remember Stretch Armstrong, the toy? There’s a movie, and a Twilight guy is starring in it.

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