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The First Item: Joe Johnston briefly walked off the set. Marvel told him that his budget was too high, and a pay cut might be in order. He didn’t like that. Both sides came to an agreement, or something along those lines, since Johnston returned to the set and production commenced once again. (Filming starts in June.)

The Second Item: CBM reported that someone had been cast as Steve Rogers—information from an inside source– and later retracted the story, deleting it from the website, but not before a few big movie gossip and news sites got to it. They did say to regard it as a rumor, so… who was it?

Robert Buckley
Age: 29
Born: California
Height: 6’2

Currently in: One Tree Hill

Past Work: Privileged (TV), Lipstick Jungle (TV), Killer Movie, American Heiress (TV)

robert buckley cast as captain america

Remember : not official, not proven. Looks a little young to me, to be honest.

The Third Item: There’s an online petition that wants Jensen Ackles (of Supernatural) to play the part of ‘ol Steve. Have some basic information on Dean Jensen.

Jensen Ackles
Age: 31
Born: Texas
Height: 6’1

Currently in: Supernatural

Past Work: My Bloody Valentine, Ten Inch Hero, Devour, Smallville (TV), Still Life (TV), Dawson’s Creek (TV)


The Fourth Item: Now, a list of the dudes that have tried out for the part of Captain America, or are being considered for the part, compiled from Various Internet Sources and made into one list, since no has bothered to make one yet, or maybe I just can’t find it. Remember to include the two above with the guys below.

The criteria that Joe Johnston put forth for the currently unchosen actor was: all American, relatively unknown, able to go from wimpy USO performer to bulky super soldier. A lot of these guys fit that, a few don’t.

Michael Cassidy
Age: 26
Born: Oregon
Height: 6’

Currently in: N/A

Past Work: Privileged (TV), Rockville CA (TV), San Gabriel, Smallville (TV), Hidden Palms (TV)

Michael Cassidy
Chace Crawford
Age: 24
Born: Texas
Height: 6’

Currently in: Various things

Past Work:  Family Guy (TV), Twelve, Gossip Girl (TV), Robot Chicken (TV), The Haunting of Molly Hartley, Loaded, The Covenant

Mike Vogel
Age: 30
Born: Pennsylvania
Height: 5’10

Currently in: Miami Medical

Past Work:  She’s Out of my Leage, Blue Valentine, Open Graves, Across the Hall, Empire State (TV), Cloverfield, The Deaths of Ian Stone, Caffeine, Poseidon

Scott Porter
Age: 30
Born: Nebraska
Height: 6′

Currently in: Caprica

Past Work:  Dear John, Blandslam, The Good Guy, Robot Chicken (TV), Masterwork (TV), Friday Night Lights (TV), Speed Racer, Prom Night, Descent, Music and Lyrics

Scott Porter-ALO-055819
John Krasinski **
Age: 30
Born: Massachusetts
Height: 6’3

Currently in: The Office

Past Work:  It’s Complicated, Away We Go, Monster vs Aliens, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, Leatherheads, License to Wed, Shrek the Third, Dreamgirls, The Holiday, For Your Consideration, Jarhead

Patrick Flueger
Age: 26
Born: Minnesota
Height: 6

Currently in: N/A

Past Work:  Brothers, The Job, Kill Theory, The 4400 (TV), Spin, The World’s Fastest Indian

Ryan McPartlin **
Age: 34
Born: Illinois
Height: 6’3

Currently in: Chuck

Past Work:  Brothers, The Job, Kill Theory, The 4400 (TV), Spin, The World’s Fastest Indian

Wilson Bethel
Age: 26
Born: New  Hampshire
Height: 6’

Currently in: The Young and the Restless

Past Work: Cold Case (TV), Generation Kill (HBO), 1268 Tunnel Rats, NCIS (TV), JAG (TV)

Chris Pine
Age: 29
Born: California
Height: 6’1

Currently in:  Star Trek, sorta.*

Past Work: Small Town Saturday Night, Carriers, Bottle Shock, Smokin’ Aces, Blind Dating, Just My Luck, The Bulls

Garrett Hedlund
Age: 25
Born: Minnesota
Height: 6’2

Currently in: Tron Legacy

Past Work: Death Sentence, Georgia Rule, Eragon, Four Brothers, Friday Night Lights, Troy


Basically, these are all the names I’ve stumbled upon in articles that are talking about the Captain America casting for Steve Rogers. Some are probably rumors, some might be wishful thinking, some are confirmed by Joe Johnston to have auditioned. Chris Pine was “chosen,” but that was proven to be a rumor. Argue amongst yourselves about the list. I’m tired of looking at the mugs of all these whiteys. Bye Bye.

* As far as well know it’s a multi-movie series in which he IS Cappy Kirk. Not my first pick for Cappy America, but high on my list.
** McPartlin has that look Johnston was going for, he’s my number one. Krasinski is my favorite actor in The Office, so I’m sort of rooting for him… even though others would be more suited for the role.

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  1. I say Matt Damon, but off this list I’d say Bethel,Pine, or Crawford, the transformation from scrawny kid to buff guy is gonna be complicated with any of them.

  2. @brandonwlobo
    Apparently WordPress has a thing for duplicating the guys they like. Weird. Fixed.

  3. Pine would be my pick definitely. Some of them really look wimpy though haha.

  4. I agree, McPartlin does have that look.

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