Sucky news: Romanian Teen kills mom over Internet bill

Romania (or somewhere around there):

Romanian Teen, Ionut Savin, killed his adoptive mother because she refused to pay the Internet bill. She felt that he was addicted and did not want to feed it any longer. She hadn’t lived with the family for the last two years, only returning home this past December to spend time with her family.

Donut (which is easier to type than Ionut) has missed over 200 days of school and rarely left the house because of his gaming habits.  His father and relatives felt that he was dependent on the games and saw that he had no social life outside of the computer and video game consoles.

Donut stabbed his mother 17 times when he found out that she did not pay the bill. He went to a local internet cafe after taking all the money he could find from the house and played online games there for the rest of the day. The father came home to find his wife’s body and called the police, a short time later Donut turned himself in and gave the police the weapon he used.

The teen is now being treated in a psychiatric hospital.

[via HBG]

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