Sinestro cast… Sort of

Since Green Lantern was announced I was excited to see who will play Green Lantern, but even more so I was wondering who would play the villain Sinestro, well its finally been announced by the director that they are in talks to have Mark Strong play the pink and yellow madman. Sinestro was a member of the Green Lantern Corps and was one of the greatest since his sector was completely free of crime, until it was discovered that he was ruling his planet as a tyrant and was disbanded from the corp, he then found another power source that was stronger than the Green Lantern’s rings and became their most hated villain. Mark Strong is better known as the villain from 2009’s Sherlock Holmes, but get ready to see a lot of him in 2010, My fave movie with him was the very underrated Stardust.

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  1. FREAKIN SWEET! My favorite DC villain, well. Almost. In a bad ass role! Doom is still sad that Ryan can no longer be Wally.

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