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Here’s a little something to brighten your hearts as well as your day.  There has been a lot of sad news coming out of tech lately with people dying or being killed in all kinds of inconvenient manners.

An 11-year old boy that goes by the name Cameron has had an app in the Apple app store since December called iSketch.  iSketch allows you to draw on your iPhone or iPod Touch (and seems to be one of the best drawing apps out there).  The purpose and function of the app aren’t what tugged at this journalist’s heart string nay; it was the fact that Cameron is donating the majority of his earnings to the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.  Cameron had a medical issue that caused him to become very familiar with hospitals (he is almost fully recovered now) and while he was unable to do some of the things most kids do he began to read.  Cameron would read anything he even watched university lecture on iTunes.  Cameron taught himself programing and then began to develop for the iPhone and iPod Touch because, “the apps offered for sale for use on those devices seemed really cool to him.”

Wow.  I’m not worthy.  I’ll take one lesson on humanity with a side order of charity; hold the greed.

Great job Cameron,  we here at 8 Days a Geek salute you and will pitch your app to everyone who will listen.  Keep it up.

Download Cameron’s app iSketch here.

[picture property of Gizmodo]

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