Inside Brandonwlobo’s Man Cave

After seeing fellow writers¬† Jesse and Rachel’s little geek havens I decided it would be cool for everyone to see where I write my nerd poetry from, I now present you with MY MAN CAVE!

First up is my trusty computer I named him General Jack Cosmo. Like Aunt May says¬† “all great men are messy”

Next up is my desk, this is where ol’ fashioned book and paper research is done.

What books do you use? You may ask, no, well…. I uh, These are a portion of my books!

Nxt up is just a shot of my dresser, yes my dresser is away from my bedroom, that’s where my fiance’s clothes are.

The entry way into my own little fortress of solitude

just a sweet shot of my Power Ranger cut out, and of part of my comic book collection.

Yes that’s an Ernie puppet, your jealous now huh?

some of my favorite comics and figures get to go right above my computer to help along.

My magic talky box and entertainment center, awesome, all the from the top of the Unicorn pinata down to PS2 Guitars.

Even though I’m slowly going into Blu-Ray and even though half my DVD’s are on my entertainment center, you gotta respect the collection.

About Brandon C. Williams

I'm one of the main contributors to 8 DAG and I take pride in my other job as Public/Staff relations. I'm a comics and movie junkie and I love to podcast. Follow me on Twitter @BrandoCop
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  1. Not without clear pictures of said titles, Doom doesnt!

  2. Ha ha ha, you can try, but the unicorns will always be there…….FOREVER!!!!

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