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Do to our recent Geeksmas contest, I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking me, “what is Google wave?”  Google describes wave as what email should have been.  Wave is a real-time collaboration tool where students, friends, and co-workers can all contribute to the same “wave” at the same time embedding video, pictures, sound, and other scripts. 


Using Google wave students all in the same class can all take notes in one wave and then everyone has what everyone else heard during the lecture plus anyone who wasn’t in class that day can play back the note taking process and see everyone typing what they hear..  People who are working on a group project can all contribute to that project in a wave and then everyone have the exact same copy of the final work.  Anyone who is invited to a wave can edit and add to any post in that wave.

I personally am working towards becoming a teacher and I can say, without a doubt, that I hope by the time that I have my own class Google wave will be open to everyone and my students and I can use it to talk about notes and classes. 

For regular people wave can be used to archive things you’ve found on the net for later or to not only talk to your friends but also to share content from the web with them.

We here at 8DAG all use Google wave to collaborate on article due dates and any information we get from our contacts in different industries.  All of the winners from the Geeksmas contest will be invited to not only use Google wave but will also be invited to the 8DAG Fan Wave to talk with all of us and share content galore so send your name, email address, and a small message to [email protected] to enter to win a Google wave invite.

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