Last One Standing: Winter Brawl!

In this Last One Standing we will have our first battle royale, I will run down the stats of the fighters and then we will choose a winner based on that, this months winter brawl are ice related characters.


IceMan-Marvel Comics
icemanIce control:9
Resistance to Ice:8
Powers: control over ice and freezing temperatures due to natural mutation Cool side note: Believed to be a decedent of an Ice Giant
Lame side note: powers manifested while being lynched

Frozone-Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles

Ice control:7
Resistance to Ice:5
Powers: Ability to  freeze moisture in the air 
Cool side note: voiced by Samuel L. Jackson
Lame side note: Freeze powers disappear when he’s dehydrated

Mr.Freeze-DC Comics
Ice control: 4
Resistance to Ice: 7
Powers:Genius level intellect with a freeze gun
Cool side note:goes toe to toe with Batman
Lame side note: once beaten by Alfred with a Thermos of Chicken Noodle Soup.

Sub-Zero-Mortal Kombat series
Ice control: 9
Resistance to Ice: 9
powers: Can project  beam that freezes whoever it touches and skilled Ninja
Cool side note: He’s a Ninja
Lame side note: a little game called Mortal Kombat Origins: Sub-Zero.

Articuno-Pokemon series
Ice control: 8
Resistance to Ice: 2
Powers: flight and devastating ice based moves
Cool side note:only one of  three(five if you count Ho-Oh and Lugia) Legendary birds
Lame side note: only one per game.

Tracy-T.V’s Heroes
Ice control:6
Resistance to Ice:6
Powers:Can freeze things by touch and turn into water, also with extreme concentration can lower the temp in a room to deadly levels
Cool side note: Has a twin sister with super strength and another twin sister with undisclosed powers
Lame side note:Froze and killed the guy from Greatest American Hero

THE WINNER: The First to fall was Tracy, she doesn’t have the control the other fighters do, then falls Frozone, he can’t use his powers without moisture and with all this freezing there is none, Articuno and Mr.Freeze take each other out since they both only have projectile freezing powers and are slightly affected by cold, this fight really comes down to a one on one with Iceman VS Sub-Zero, and since the powers and defense are pretty evenly matched it comes down to fighting, and Iceman was trained by Cyclops a great hand to hand fighter, but Sub-Zero is a Ninja. You can’t beat that.


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