Dream Cast: He-Man


Nothing reminds me of Christmas more than toys, so this Holiday season I decided to cast He-Man. Hope you enjoy.

He-Man/Prince Adam- James Preston Rogers

jpr heman

I needed someone huge to play He-Man but at the same time delicate enough to portray the pansy Prince Adam, The would be Thor James Preston Rogers fits the bill for me.

Orko- Warwick Davis


First of all I hated Orko, he was a whiny bitch who never helped, but hey he’s a fan favorite, so to fill his robes I chose another fan favorite, everybodies favorite little person Warwick Davis.

Teela- Yvonne Strahovski


I know Teela has red hair but does that really matter this woman was made for the part. She can kick serious ass, as seen on Chuck.

Man-At-Arms- Tom Selleck


Tall, Sweet Mustache, old enough to be Teela’s father, I think I hit a home run with this one.

Ram-Man- Michael Chiklis


I needed a thick tough looking guy who can act kinda dumb, I think I found it in ol’ Mr.Chiklis.

Sorceress- Jane Seymour


The sorceress is an ageless entity that has a mother like glow and a look of dignified beauty, that means she’s a magical MILF!

Skeletor- Willem Dafoe


I’m a fan of the high pitched voice from the original cartoon, so finding an actor that can do a whiny voice and still be terrifying is difficult, unless you’ve seen Willem Dafoe. He dosen’t even need that much make up!

Evil-lyn- Helena Bonham Carter


A real no brainer, someone dark and scary that is also a bit crazy, Thats Carter, oh and look at that Evil-lyn acts that way too.

Beast Man- Nathan Jones


I wanted my beast man to be the real muscle behind the goons of Skeletor, so I went with the enormous Nathan Jones, look him up he’s already a beast.

Merman- Andy Serkis


The water fairing “sniper” of the goons, I neede someone that has a good look behind make up and can do odd voices, Well Smeagol here is a perfect choice.

Trapjaw- Ron Pearlman


Big, strong, over-sized jaw, ’nuff said.

Well thats that please comment and tell me what you think or what I should cast in the future. Thanks for reading.

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  1. what!? no Triclops or Fisto?

  2. you are a genious. got it right every time. for next xmas please cast She-Ra…

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