A Verry Muppet Christmas

I love the Muppets, my favorite is Kermit cause he’s the straight man to Gonzo and Fozzie, but I’d say Honeydew and Beaker are close to the top for my faves. Regardless, a friend of mine named Jason Hughes (he writes for AOL) and I are determined to do whatever we can to bring the Muppet show back, after all, the celebrities nowadays would love to that kind of stuff. Well, I don’t have a lot of pull in the Hollywood department so I’ll just make the viral videos that keep popping up more noticeable by posting them wherever I can, If you love the Muppets then help us revive them by Digging every Muppet article you see and we’ll get those lovable rag-dolls back on top, VIVA LA MUPPET!

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I'm one of the main contributors to 8 DAG and I take pride in my other job as Public/Staff relations. I'm a comics and movie junkie and I love to podcast. Follow me on Twitter @BrandoCop
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