10 Coolest Alien Races

With Hopes that Avatar isn’t a huge steaming pile I have compiled a list of the ten coolest Alien races in pop culture, If you think I’m off key tell me, or if you think Alf deserved to make the list then leave a comment so others can talk bad about you.

10.Space Invaders


While not the most Visually striking on the list(Or Smart), The Invaders were wave after wave of Invasion fun, I’ve never had so much fun wiping out an entire race while only shooting one laser at a time.Of all the Atari games that hit gold this one is very often chosen as a favorite,With the Invaders there is one thing that cannot be denied, behold the digital dong.

9:New Gods

new gods

Not known to many the New Gods were DC’s alien race to rival the Kryptonians, Members include the supremely awesome Darkseid, his bastard son Orion, the free spirited Mister Miracle, and so many others that are actually worth mentioning it’s ridiculous. Everyone who saw Darkseid weilding the anti-life equation on the Superman animated series knows he is stand alone one of the coolest villains ever.



It was hard for me to choose which alien race from Mass Effect to choose, so many people wanted the Krogan but in the end I had to break the tie by choosing the Turians. The turians from Mass Effect resemble raptors of Earth. Most also have tattooed-on markings on their faces whose design and color denote which colony or system they were born or raised in, Thats right I said it, Tattooed Space Raptor people with laser guns, be afraid be very afraid.



I’m not a huge fan of the Alien series I understand it’s importance and from a cinematic stand point it’s an icon, but something about it just wasn’t my thing, that being said I was almost acid spitted to death by my friends for almost not putting them on the list. The Aliens actually have a name they are called the xenomorphs but if I said that you wouldn’t know what I was talking about because never in the 75 movies about the damn shiny ass aliens do they ever call them that.



The scariest household item that holds garbage is the trash can, so with that said put some lasers on it and a wierd brain squid to drive it around and you have the nefarious Dalek. I’m not a huge Dr.Who fan but the die hards swear by these things, I personally think that the design were a bit lazy, but then I heard the first Dalek came out in 1963 and were ground breaking since it didn’t look like a guy in a suit.



Cyborgs are cool, I mean look at a list of famous ones, there’s Jean Claudde Van Damme, Arnold, Even George Carlin played a cyborg once, so when they made super space cyborgs that at one time had control over Patrick Stewart I knew these bad asses were going on the list.Plus everyone loves a tag line, Resistance is futile.



Marvel’s Premiere Alien, the shape-shifting Skrull can be anyone. Recently it was discovered that there were Skrull sleeper agents all over earth posing as heroes and other very important people, the sleeper agents were even under the impression that they were who they were posing as, and there was no way to even tell who was who unless they died (they return to normal form after death). The Secret Invasion of Skrulls was some of the best comics writing in the last ten years.



These Frakkin Skinjobs can pose as humans now and in the past they were just kinda fat robots shooting lasers (MAN, aliens love lasers don’t they). From there humble beginning to their now sexy form the Cylons have been plaguing Battlestar Gallactica since the 70’s.



No one kills Arnold, but this dread-lock wearing, skull collecting, ugly S.O.B came real close. The Predator has killed some of the toughest guys around,Jesse “the body” Ventura, Carl Weathers, even Gary Busey!(watch Predator 2) so he definitely gets to be high on the list, plus he has an awesome laugh.I prefer my aliens tough, and this guy never goes out without a bang, just ask Danny Glover and Arnold Schwarzenegger.



Everyone’s favorite pissed off Teddy bears, Chewbacca made us fall in love with him and being terrified of getting our arms ripped off cause we won at little monster space chess made us respect him,plus an eight foot monster with a crossbow is pretty sweet. Who wouldn’t want this guy working on there vehicle? I would,hell if my mechanic was 8 ft tall and covered in flowing hair I wouls actually listen to him, even though it just sounds like Harland Williams clearing his throat,  just don’t try to put handcuffs on him.

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  1. I like the Aliens on this list but the Inhumans are way cooler than skrulls

  2. I agree but I wanted to go more mainstream, afterall I hate the Alien aliens.

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