Last One Standing: Street Sharks VS Biker Mice From Mars


So originally I was going to throw in the Ninja Turtles and Samurai Pizza cats, but then I realized no one remembers the cats and everyone is biased on the turtles, so I went with these forgotten treasures of the 90’s and I hope you enjoy. First up, the stats.

Biker Mice From Mars


Members: Throttle, the shade wearing semi blind heroic leader,Modo, the robotic armed big hearted muscleman of the team,Vinnie, the Italian stereotype and hot head of the team,and Charley, The high tech saucy female mechanic, whom which is the mice only human companion.

Main Villain:an alien crime lord named Lawrence Limburger and Dr.Karbunkle who creates a villain of the week to fight the mice.

Special traits: they ride motorcycles and our anthropomorphic mice, other than that they are basically human, besides the weapons they use and Modo’s bionic arm.

Street Sharksstreetsharks

Members: Ripster, the smart brother with great white teeth that can chew through steel, Jab, the hammerhead brother who is kind of lazy,Streex, the “cool” striped brother who roller blades everywhere,Big Slammu, the largest and strongest of the four who really needs his brothers at his side, and Bends the genius human sidekick.

Main Villain: Dr. Piranoid and his seaviants (humanoid sea animal villains)

Special Traits: sports junkies with shark DNA, they have all the strengths of their shark counterparts but none of the weaknesses.

The Outcome: I watched about two hours of both of these show to get and idea, and after that time I realized two things, one, the shows I watched as a child sucked, and two, the Ninja Turtles can kick all these guys asses. I decided with the help of my colleagues that the sharks have a keen advantage, an extra member and cooler animal forms. Another main factor to my decision is the fact that the sharks fought bad ass monsters like Moby Lick and Killamari, the mice fought a fat guy named after cheese.

Winners: Street Sharks

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  1. I agree. The Sharks are simply stronger, and more resilient, and never fought anyone named after cheese.

  2. No, I think Echo the Dolphin wins! That was a bad joke, forgive me.

    The sharks just seem a little cooler. I didn’t watch either show (knew about them, though) and from this list alone it seems the sharks would win hands down. Fins down?

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