WCS: Gunnerkrigg Court

gunnerkriggcourt1It started with the weekend funny pages in the newspaper. Now I get my comic fix on the interwebs.

Gunnerkrigg Court
by Tom Siddell

He lives in England and his story telling his masterful. As for the art, I love that too. The colors and lines are always clean and crisp, and as the comic goes on his style progresses.

Part science fiction, part fantasy, the story follows Antimony Carver and her adventures in a mysterious boarding school that studies the ethereal and scientific. The school is a massive compound situated across from Gillitie Wood, home to the trickster god Coyote and his underlings.

When I first started reading it I was also reading one of the Harry Potter books. I thought they were similar for about… two seconds. Other than both being set in boarding schools, and having magical/mythical influences, they’re completely different stories. Right now there is one book out, a collection of the first fourteen chapters. I won’t hesitate to buy the other books as they come out.

There’s a good blend of comedy and seriousness present. It updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I wish it were five days a week, but I won’t be selfish. There’s not a lot of merchandise available for this comic, but there a few posters available.

Start at page 1 here.

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