Adios, GeoCities.

XKCD is paying tribute to one of the most used site-building tools that us Internet Dwellers either used or visited, or both, over the last 10 plus years. Yahoo, instead of leaving it up for historical references, is shutting down GeoCities for good.

Yahoo closed down registration to new users some time ago and started encouraging existing users to upgrade to their $5 a month plan. (They have one of those? I’ve been using blogging sites for too long. I’m out of the loop.) Since I just woke up an hour ago I’m going to let this LA Times article gives you the detailed-details.

And visit XKCD today.

GeoCities took my HTML-virginity. The sites I had are… well, slightly embarrassing now. I used to use it to store biographies for some original characters I used for AOL’s RP world between 2000 and 2002, and I had a fan site or two for a certain game I’ll keep to myself in the late 90s. How did you use GeoCities?

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  1. Most importantly, I used it to host my webpages I made in my HTML Programming class in high school. I had a lot of fun in that class…. /tear

  2. @Tom
    Same here, man. Geocities was my HTML class savior, especially with computers that loved crash and freeze.

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