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Quickie movie review time! And yes they all old ones I had meant to write and never did. But, they aren’t that old. So enjoy.


My only complaint was the oddity of seeing a skinny Jonah Hill. Otherwise this is an awesome film and I think I heard a sequel is already in the works and I hope it does happen. This was the one film out the three that I wanted to see the least and it was the one I liked the best. Sometimes a surprise is a good thing.

Skinny Jonah hill is just weird

John Carter

This was a good film. I am sorry to hear it did so poorly. I think this is going to be one of those films that people will always lament not finding earlier. A cult following of sorts if you will. I think John Carter could be a good property to try making a television show out of. I hope someone else gives it a chance again.

Awesome graphics!

The Hunger Games

Great film, that simple. Why is it not my favorite though? Well, it didn’t surprise me. I knew going into it the film would be awesome. Sometimes a sleeper can be more fun. I really won’t waste much time with this one. Everyone has already seen it anyways.

You call that a kiss?!?

I hope everyone enjoyed my scant words this week. Ah, someday they will find a better replacement. Though if they paid better it might help. Well, they can’t complain they get what they pay for! I am just full of the bad jokes today, until next week!

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