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Oh Crap!  Here we are talking about me when we should be talking about tech.  Oh well.

My name is Jesse (Editor and Chief of  I’m a gamer and gadget geek who thought one day that starting a geek blog would be a really fun thing to do.  After trying to do it myself I found out maybe I should bring some more help in that blog is gone now but 8DAG was born on that day with the help of my two geekiest friends.

When it comes to tech my loves are cell phones, and laptops, and video games.  I would list all of my gadget here but then you’d be reading for hours.  My blogging handle is The Pen of Doom.

Contact me at:

[email protected]
On twitter @penofdoom
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and as always right here at 8DAG

Some people have asked me to tell them what some of my favorite gadgets so I guess this is as good a place as any to let them know.

Favorite Gadgets:

1. PS4 (this one is kinda a gimme)
2. My Nexus 5
3. My Laptop (a 15-inch, Retina Macbook Pro)
4. My Nexus 7 (32GB)
5. My Moleskine notebook (this one may not be a gadget by definition but I take it everywhere all the same)

As promised here is a description and a picture of all of the items I carry with me in my laptop bag (which I carry everywhere): (To be updated)

(starting from the left top)
1. My Macbook (yeah, not just a stick on apple this time)
2. Barnes and Noble Nook (if you sit and wait for interviewees often or just have free time you can’t live without this)
3. Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset
4. Two Victornox knives (a Cybertool for computer repairs and an Executive for small jobs)
5. My Book of Secrets (I have to keep them somewhere)
6. 32GB iPod Touch (a geek’s gotta have his tunes)
7. HTC EVO 4G (my main phone and gateway to the world)
8. WD 500 GB Harddrive
9. Blackberry Curve (always have a usb chargeable backup phone when you’re on the road)
10. A spare screwdriver in the shape of a battery
11.  A roll of velcro strips (yes they are actually velcro brand)
12. My plastic playing cards in a cool case (geeks are never bored)
13. Leather bound journal (this is for stories and ideas only)
14. Mead notebook (just a plain notebook for notebook-y things)
15. Two Moleskine notebooks (my note taking app of choice)
16. Two Parker Jotter pens with Fisher Space Pen ink cartridges (I can even right in temperatures that would make me burst into flames)
17. The thing that holds it all together.  My D20 Bag of Holding (I bought this from and love its spaciousness. Pure gold.)

Well that’s about it.  I’m a bit of a pack rat so all manner of other things get put in my bag at any one time.

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