Karra Shimabukuro

Wonder Woman 1 cropped


As you can see, Karra Shimabukuro’s geek girl status started at an early age. An early obsession with Wonder Woman soon led in a downward spiral of mainlining He-Man and She-Ra cartoons, playing with I mean, collecting, Star Wars figures, and playing various G.I Joe female characters on the playground.

Adulthood saw Shimabukuro further walk down the path of the Dark Side with her comic collection (she’s partial to X-Men and Daredevil) as well as an obsession with cult television (Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, X-Files) and sometimes poorly executed productions of bringing comics to the big and small screen.

A high school teacher for twelve years, she recently threw a normal/dependable life to the wind in order to pursue her PhD in Literature at University of New Mexico- Albuquerque.

When not informing the world at large that geek girl knows best, she is the proud mom to the puppy Nehi (whose adventures can be found here http://karrasthisisnotamemoir.blogspot.com/) and shares her obsession with folklore, literature, and popular culture with academics and like minded folks here, http://scholarlymedievalmadness.blogspot.com/.

She welcomes discussions, rants, and disagreements, but remember, Geek Girl Knows Best.

Follow her on Twitter: @khkshimabukuro


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