I Refuse to Refuse!

Episode 71

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Sean Scott  @seanmlscott

Prime Day Leaks (LINK)
Red Dead Redemption for PC? (LINK)
KoKo the gorilla passes away @ 46
Timeless cancelled…again (LINK)

Video Games:
Pokemon Go gets trading (LINK)
Nintendo dusts off their ban hammer (LINK)
Minecraft gets cross-play (LINK)
Bethesda sues warner Brothers (LINK)

Daria is back bitches (LINK)
Amazon is Invincible (LINK)
Chucky heads to the small screen (LINK)
Fox is changing commercials (LINK)
Lucifer Saved by Netflix (LINK)
Picard may return to TV (LINK)
It’s actually happening without her (LINK)

Apple repairs keyboards (LINK)
Comcast: a sweaty bag of dicks and assholes (LINK)
Now that net neutrality is gone AT&T tiptoes through the tulips (LINK)
Online shopping is going to get more expensive (LINK)
Alexa games are getting cool (LINK)(LINK)

MoviePass losing its luster (LINK)
Sinemia has hungry eyes for moviepass’ lunch (LINK)

Lobsters are god damn immortals (LINK)

What the hell are you up to?
Jesse: Xbox One S, Sea of Thieves, Westworld Mobile
Sean: You’re the Worst, more RBI18

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