A Fictional Office Holiday Party

Episode 59

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Sean Scott  @seanmlscott

TV Premiers and renewals (LINK)(LINK)(LINK)
Guardians no more (LINK)

Video Games:
Universal Paperclips (LINK)(LINK)

It’s not just about Net Neutrality (LINK)
Netflix and Dreamworks (LINK)
NBC has plans for The IT Crowd (LINK)
The Office has a new home (LINK)

We are totally FCC’d
– FTC says not me (LINK)
– FCC refuses to hand over info (LINK)
– Ajit Pai has “jokes” (LINK)
– What Happens Next (LINK)
ARM is coming to Windows (LINK)
T-mobile is getting into TV (LINK)

The mouse who rules the world (LINK)
An R-rated Trek? (LINK)

Flat Earther makes a rocket (LINK)

A Fictional Office Holiday Party

Character Name Gift Brought Character getting gift
1 Egon Spengler Spores, Molds and Fungus VaultBoy
2 Captain Picard Ressikan Flute Deadpool
3 Dwight Schrute Pickled Beets Starbuck
4 Starbuck (New Show) Cigars Snake Plissken
5 Yogurt (Spaceballs) Spaceballs Merch Rick Sanchez
6 Rick Sanchez Kalaxian Crystals Nick Sax
7 Nick Sax Empty booze bottle and 10 Day old Chinese Yogurt
8 Vaultboy Mini Nuke and a Fat Man Launcher Dwight Schrute
9 Snake Plissken Sword of Damocles Satellite Controller Egon Spengler
10 Deadpool Stuffed Unicorn and a Chimichanga Captain Picard

What the hell are you up to?
Jesse: HAPPY!, 3d Printing, Odd Thomas
Sean: HAPPY!, Villains Pride

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