Movie Trailer Reviews: Independence Day – Resurgence

The Aliens are back! Yes, I mean Roland Emerich…but also those jerky Alien gypsies who wanted to take our resources all those years ago are back and they’re pissed we killed all their friends. I guess back isn’t the right term; if I recall the original film there was a piece of writing about these ships just being the initial wave – like a scouting party – and the rest of them would be coming later…but wasn’t there also lines about their entire society (though how would any of the characters know that) being on the ships?

Right…the first film, though action packed, had some major plot holes. So let’s take a deep dive into the new trailer and see what we’ve got:

It opens on a UN Convoy driving through a remote area. An unknown woman is doing a voice-over, speaking to Jeff Goldblum’s character. We see tribal land-markings/warnings. Then the scene flips and revealed is…something. It looks like one of the crashed alien ships and a shanty-town type situation has built up around it.

Are the people their worshiping the aliens as their messiah? WHO KNOWS!

Goldblum starts a voice-over and says “I’ve spent 20 years trying to get us ready for this” so, what – he abandoned his wife and went to work at Area 51? Or is it out in the open now, completely, all the technology?

Humankind has apparently been able to reverse engineer their technology but still uses F-16 models for planes…because modeling ships on their more aerodynamic designs was…too much smarts?

Obligatory shot of the moon being covered with a shadow…

Bill Pullman, now a very aged and bearded ex-president is still around and is somehow connected to the hive mind from his original encounter.

Obligatory shot of more things being covered by shadows…

Then they start playing the old dialogue from the first movie when Pullman gave that great speech.

Ok, so here’s where it gets really off the rails…we see people running around on the moon. We haven’t been back to the moon in DECADES. We’re actually on FUCKING MARS NOW, why are they still obsessed with the moon?

In a progressive move we see a new president and she’s a woman!

And the trailer ends with a massive, basically planet-sized ship crashing into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The cast is solid, they’re pulling together old storylines to mix with the new (Pullman’s daughter is all growns-up) and some other black pilot guy took Will Smith’s spot…can’t imagine why he didn’t come back for this.

Checkout the full trailer below!

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