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It’s safe to say that if you’r a fan of cartoons for adults you’ve seen or at least heard of Bob’s Burgers. But just in case you’ve only had a passing interest in the show let me provide a brief synopsis: Family owns a semi-struggling burger restaurant;

Bob (the dad – voiced by H. John Benjamin of Archer and Dr. Katz fame) likes inventing whacky burger ideas

Bob Belcher - Burger Lover Gif

Linda (the mom) is zainy and constantly causing trouble – she’s also pretty annoying

Linda Belcher - Wine Lover Gif

Tina (the oldest daughter) loves Horses, Zombies and Boys (in that order)

Tina Belcher - Horse Lover Gif

Gene (the son – voiced by Eugene Mirman – noted stand-up comedian) is the keyboard playing, burger suit wearing middle child who is STARVED for attention

Gene Belcher - This is Me Now Gif

Louise (the youngest daughter – voiced by Kristen Schaal of Gravity Falls and The Last Man on Earth) is an evil genius with a heart of gold

Louise Belcher Evil Laugh Gif


The trade paperback collects the first four issues of the comic with loads of extras (like pin-up art and alternate/exclusive covers) added in. Each issue is a compilation of stories featuring each of the main characters (primarily the children) in many similar situations to that which we see in the show. Tina writes in her Friend Fiction journal, Gene sings songs about wild and crazy things, Louse causes various degrees of trouble.

In terms of a comic this is definitely geared towards people who are already fans of the show and it makes no apologies for it. But the show is the same way – characters do weird and strange things all the time and we as the audience just accept them. Unlike other books where a reader could sit back and say, “That’s totally out of character for Batman, he would never do that”; the reader could never do that about a Bob’s Burger character because NOTHING is out of character!

Each character is rich and well rounded with imperfections and flaws which make them remarkably human for a cartoon character.

If you’re even a mild fan of the show and like comics invest in picking up this quality book. The art and stories are worth the price of admission.

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