Numbercruncher #2


Read Rachel Bookout’s review of Numbercruncher #1 here.

First of all let me say that while reading Numbercruncher the primary thought on my mind was, “this would be a great movie/tv show and Jason Statham should be Bastard Zane”.  Continuing the story from #1, #2 starts out with “The Mathematician” showing his ability to solve the “recirculation algorithm” allowing him to reincarnate in any time or place he wants.  Zane tries to bring The Mathematician back in the only way he knows how, using numbers and brute force.  It’s interesting to see a story where the “good” guy is trying to stop a person from returning to his life’s love (what seems to be a noble cause). As the story of Numbercruncher continues, I can’t wait to see how Zane is going to stop The Mathematician in his quest to return to the love of his life.

Numbercruncher is turning out to be a great idea and story.  If you like noir and afterlife stories, you should pickup Numbercruncher #1 and #2.

Numbercruncher #2 was compliments of Titan Comics.

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